About us

Phoric is the brain child of Holly Sutich and Bradley Hagan. The duo witnessed first-hand, thousands of university students struggling through assignments and exams consuming countless energy drinks to keep up but feeling guilty ‘cos of the high levels of sugar and artificial ingredients. The pair decided to take the path-less-trodden and created a natural energy drink for a new generation.

Holly Sutich

Born in New Plymouth in 1997, Holly spent much of her childhood overseas in Brunei, Australia, India and Dubai, before moving back to New Zealand to complete high school. Volunteering and giving back to the community and environment is extremely important to Holly. She currently sits on the board of trustees for Recreate NZ, a charity providing life-changing experiences for youth with disabilities. She is also very passionate about mental health awareness, and has seen and felt the devastation from depression and suicide. She believes the time to make a change is now and wants to be a part of the movement towards a mentally and physically healthier New Zealand. Phoric is a project she’s extremely passionate about. She wants to make a positive impact on people’s health, the environment and community through this business.


Bradley Hagan

Born in Auckland in 1996, Bradley is a keen sportsman who reached representative levels in tennis & basketball. He developed his passion for business at high school after taking part in the Young Lions Enterprise Scheme in 2014. Attending 'Venture Up' in 2015 became a pivotal moment as Bradley turned his thoughts away from becoming a doctor to becoming an entrepreneur. Like Holly, being in business means Bradley can combine his career with his ultimate passion, to link business with making a social and environmental difference. The duo met at AUT University in 2015 and discovered both has similar altruistic visions. Proud of their success to date, they know it's only the start of the journey. Now for the next chapter.