Young people are hooked on additive and preservative filled energy drinks, using them to boost attention and concentration to get through busy lifestyles and study demands.  

Who cares if they’re so sugar and preservative laden they contribute to unhealthy addictions. So far, there’s been no alternative. So far.  

Well it’s time to make a stand.  

We’ve created a drink for the new generation, by the new generation.  

Phoric. A new kind of energy drink. 

Phoric contains the latest discovery in natural plant amazingness, Guayusa. A leaf sourced deep in the rainforests of Ecuador, Guayusa is a revered ingredient of tribal tradition. Without added sugar and brewed for a unique fresh taste, Guayusa delivers positivity, confidence and energy. All natural, all proven, all good.  

It seems the moment has come for a new generation to take the lead. 

Welcome to Phoric.