Kiwi's are hooked on additive and preservative filled energy drinks, using them to boost attention and concentration to get through busy lifestyles and study demands. Produced by big corporates, these popular energy drinks have been cleverly and cunningly promoted to us with mass market campaigns and the backing of huge money.

Well, this generation is going to make a stand. We’re fighting back with all the passion and hope and love our new generation brings. No longer will your drinks be a fait-accompli for us. ‘Cos we’ve created something we believe is better than anything you’ve ever dreamt of. It’s a drink for the new generation, by the new generation. Phoric. A new kind of energy drink, not founded on greed but good.

We want to give Kiwi's the choice of an elixir that promises to provide a clean-feeling energy. Phoric contains the latest discovery in natural plant amazingness, Guayusa. A super leaf that is native to the Amazon Rainforest and is a revered ingredient of tribal tradition. Without added sugar and brewed for a unique fresh taste, Guayusa delivers positivity, confidence and energy. All natural, all proven, all good.

And we’re putting our money where our mouths are by donating 5 cents from every bottle sold to Mental Health in NZ. Phoric is proudly partnered with Yellow Brick Road ( who do incredible work supporting kiwi families towards mental wellbeing.

So it seems the moment has come for a new generation to take the lead. Join us in the fight for clean energy! Phoric. Energy never felt so natural.

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