Our Story


People are hooked on additive and preservative filled energy drinks, using them to boost attention and concentration to get through busy lifestyles and more. The moment has come for a new generation to take the lead. Since early 2019, Phoric has been leading the way in clean, natural energy drinks alternatives.

No longer will your drinks be a fait-accompli for us. ‘Cos we believe we’ve created something better than anything you’ve ever dreamt of. Phoric is a new kind of energy drink: using the power of organic guayusa leaves and natural ingredients to give you, your daily clean energy boost.

Some might say you feel euphoric… 

Phoric contains the latest discovery in natural plant amazingness, Guayusa. A leaf sourced deep in the rainforests of Ecuador, Guayusa is a revered ingredient of tribal tradition. Containing natural caffeine, chlorogenic acids and polyphenols (the most common compounds found in what we commonly call antioxidants) the leaf’s natural ingredients deliver a clean and focused energy as well as boosting physical energy. 

As demand grows for Guayusa worldwide, more Guayusa trees are replanted in areas where the amazon rainforest has been degraded and are turned into flourishing, sustainable forest gardens. All guayusa is organic, sustainable and fair trade.



Phoric is the brain child of Bradley Hagan & Holly Sutich. The duo witnessed first-hand, thousands of university students struggling through assignments and exams consuming countless energy drinks to keep up but feeling guilty ‘cos of the high levels of sugar and artificial ingredients. The pair decided to take the path-less-trodden and created a clean energy drink for a new generation.

5 cents from every bottle sold to mental health in New Zealand.



We are 100% kiwi owned and manufacture all our products locally in Tauranga, New Zealand. Welcome to Phoric.